Events & spaces

Breakfast buffet

by reservation

All days of the week

Between 8.30AM and 10.30AM

High Tea

Thursday, Friday and Saturday afternoon

Between 1.30PM and 6.30PM

Private dinning

by reservation

Private dinner tailored to the customer’s wishes

Brunch on Sunday

by reservation

Once a month on Sunday from 9.30PM

Our next brunch:

1st of  March

4th and 5th of April: Tours of Flanders Brunch

3th and 10th of May: Mothersday

7th and 14th of June: Fathersday

5th of July

2nd of August

6th of September

4th of October

1st of November: All Saints’ Day

6th of December: Saint Nicolas

Theme nights

by reservation

Our next theme nights: 

27th of February: Bouillabaisse

26th of March: Ottolenghi

23th of April: Italian night

20th of May

25th of June

16th of July

27th of August

24th of September

22th of October

26th of November

10th of December

Venue hire

Reservations can be made through mail, phone of Facebook